Reddish Vale Country Park

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Reddish Vale Country Park Summer Fun Day Countdown

July 19th, 2015


Photographs By

Dave Quinney


8-00am : Gloom in the Visitor Centre. It is tipping it down and we can hardly see the Viaduct through the hurling rain. There is no Plan B.

The Punch and Judy man rings to see if we are going to cancel.


9-00am :  A glimmer of hope as the skies begin to clear. All may yet be well.

 Three hours to go.


9-30am :  Volunteers venture cautiously out onto the triangular field . Muscles are flexed and gazebos are erected.


10-00am : Simon from the Farm brings his tractor down with the straw bales he is lending us for seating. A fairly gusty wind is blowing.


10-30am : Stall holders begin to arrive. Savoury roasting smells from the The Hog Roast begin to drift over the river. We're off to a good start after all ! And the Punch and Judy man is already building his stage.



11-30am : The field is alive with excitement. Music is playing;the Climbing Wall

is ready for its first brave customers; throngs of people are already here and it's jewellery,cupcakes,penalty shoot-outs, Tombola, bran tubs, plants, beekeepers, hawks and owls, graffiti tee-shirts, Smoothie bikes, raffle tickets.


12-00 noon :  Andrew Gwynne  MP leads the countdown to the official opening as Punch brandishes his stick for the first time and Sheila from the Vintage Pearls begins her first set of foot-tapping retro songs.

'Que sera, sera' And what will be,was ! A fabulous afternoon in the sunshine.


5-00pm :  Everything cleared away and Simon from the Farm brings his tractor to pick up the straw bales he has so kindly lent.

No litter; only a few wisps of straw left blowing around. Peace descends on Reddish Vale again.   Till next year.

This is an event organized by The Friends of the Vale, who raise the funds which provide such Great Days  for the community. The dedication and  time of generous volunteers, are our most treasured assets. Without them none of it would be possible.