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I am writing as Chair of  Friends of the Vale Group on behalf of the Committee and volunteers , to express our dismay and disappointment that Reddish Vale has been chosen as the venue for Screamania Hallowee'n event, which is now being widely advertised.


Permission for the event was given without any prior consultation with our group, which makes a huge contribution

through the effort and commitment of volunteers to the maintenance and support of the Country Park.


Our aim is to enable free access for the public  to wander in this beautiful green space right in the heart of

busy , built-up Stockport. A large part of the meadow has now been fenced off in preparation for the event.


A great deal of trouble,hard work and expense has been invested by  Friends of the Vale to clear the meadow of invasive ragwort and litter to recreate an environment for wild flowers to grow. That this event was planned at all, but for such a long period overall, can only damage a fragile ecology as well as hinder public access.


The Friends have frequently been praised for the essential contribution our volunteers make to all aspects of the Park ,which would almost inevitably go into decline in these times of austerity for Local Government, were it not for our efforts .


In conclusion, I wish to make it clear that enquiries about Screamania should not be made to Reddish Vale Country Park  , because we are totally opposed to the event and are unable to help.




Pam Jones  ( Chair, Friends of the Vale)