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Reddish Vale Country Park


Reddish Vale covers approximately 161ha of the Tame Valley, it is the largest Country Park in Stockport and one of the most diverse in terms of it's ecology, containing five Sites of Biological interest.

The River Tame is habitat to a wide range of plant and animal species, it is an important area for sand martins and kingfishers. There are five ponds altogether in the Vale as well as boggy areas, these provide valuable habitats for many species of birds, mammals and insects.

Grassland within the Country Park is varied, acidic and neutral soils, areas of stabilised landfill and clearings within the woods provide a wide range of species.

The country Park has a very extensive and diverse range of woodlands, from relatively new woodland to remnant ancient woodland.



Reddish Vale Country Park is a large area in a strategic location, and is an important area for nature conservation.

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