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Dog Rose

The Dog Rose is a native shrub, common in woods, scrub and hedgerows throughout Britain, though not on mountains.

Grows to a height of 3m.

Dog Rose is an extremely variable species. Over 60 varieties have been recognised and the flowers may vary from pink to white.




Also known as Wild Briar and can grow to a height of 3m with pink to white flowers.

Any plant given the name 'dog' was christened so because it meant that it did not smell or was inferior to other plants.

The fruit from the Dog Rose make rose hip syrup, which is full of Vitamin C. It was believed that the root was effective against the bite of a mad dog. In the time of Henry VIII, Dog Roses were the symbol of the monarchy.

Dog Rose is the food plant for the caterpillars of the following moths, V-Pug, Little Thorn, Shoulder Stripe, Barred Yellow and Streamer.

The plant can be trained over trellis, arbour or a dead tree to good effect and is a host to many insects, including a gall-forming wasp which produces balls of crimson "moss", known as Robin's pin cushions on the leaf stalks.

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