Reddish Vale Country Park


Brinnington Tunnel

Strines Cottages


Reddish Vale Country Park is not a designed landscape in the sense of the great estates which are at the heart of Country Parks. Its interest lies in the way it has evolved as the result of the interaction of a wide range of human activities with the natural conditions of the Tame river valley over many centuries. Over the course of it's long history, farming, milling, textile manufacturing, quarrying, construction, sport and recreation have all left their mark on the landscpe.

We owe the Country Parks existence to the natural constraints of the valley's steep sides and boggy floor, which have limited development. Its value and interest, however, are related to the diverse landscape and habitats which have arisen from the fertile mix of the valley's natural conditions with a wide range of settlement patterns and land uses.

The modern day Country Park straddles the historic boundary between Lancashire and Cheshire, formed by the river Tame. The medieval township of Reddish lies to the west and the eastern side borders with Brinnington, previously part of the larger Dokenfeld Estate. 

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Reddish Vale's History

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The Print Works

Ski Jump

Tame House

Safari Park


reddish vale country park, visitor centre

Harrison's Weir

Reddish Hall

Visitor Centre

Reddish Vale Farm

Nine Houses

Mill Lane

Giants Money Box

Reddish Vale Road

Pollard's Brewery

Ross Lave Lane

Hyde Hall farm

Dancing Dragons

Reddish Vale Corn Mill

The Last Otter Hunt

Save The Vale Campaign

River View Cottages

Sunnyside House

reddish vale country park, save the vale campaign

MP3 Guided Tour

The MP3 Guided Tour covers the wider history of Reddish Vale including the Calico Printworks.

The tour is about 2 miles long.

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Butterfly Field









1. Mill Lane and Giant's Money Box

2. Ross Lave Lane

3. Viaduct, Nine Houses and Corn Mill

4. Visitor Centre and Tame House

5. Reddish Vale Farm

6. River View Cottages

7. Sunnyside House

8. Butterfly Field and site of the Print Works

9. Strines cottages, Weir and Sluice Gate

10. Harrison's Weir

11. Willow Grove Cemetery

12. Brinnington Tunnel


Willow Grove Cemetery


Reddish Vale

Country Park


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Wood Hall And

Wood Hall Farm