Reddish Vale Country Park

John Perry

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Reddish Vale Country Park


Friends of the Vale are sorry to report that Reddish Vale volunteer, John Perry, has died after a long illness on Monday, March 21st.

John was a volunteer at the Country Park for many years,working in the Community Garden and the Visitor Centre. Latterly, as he became less active, he concentrated his work on the Visitor Centre, turning up regular as clockwork on a Ring and Ride minibus every Wednesday to serve refreshments.


He was a stickler for good manners and children soon learned to use the magic words to get what they wanted!


Steadfast in his devotion to public duty, he also held very strong political convictions. Mainly a quiet man, he could become very voluble when certain subjects arose, especially on matters of principle.


He refused to eat a certain brand of chocolate because of the manufacturer's questionable business practices and would never “eat anything that had feathers on.”

It's almost two years now since John had to leave the Vale because  his health took a turn for the worse and his quiet presence at the counter was missed then by all, as it will be in the future.


He will be remembered as a true Friend of the Vale.