Reddish Vale Country Park

Nine Houses 

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Reddish Vale Country Park

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The Nine House stood next to the viaduct at Reddish Vale.


It is widely believed the houses were built for the railway workers constructing the viaduct, and then bought by the Calico Print Works sometime after the viaduct was completed to house their workers.

Reddish Vale was popular with day trippers from Manchester arriving by horse drawn charabanc or waggonette. 


The Nine Houses

Like at Strines Cottages, the residents at the Nine Houses weren't going to miss the opportunity to make some money from the day trippers, offering jugs of water and pots of tea. The houses were pulled down around 1914 to make way for extensions to the Print Works reservoirs.

There is a problem with the theory that the houses were built for the railway workers, an 1842 map showing cottages in the same area, possibly built around 1820 for mill workers, if these are the Nine Houses they could not have been built for the workers building the viaduct, completed in 1875 (unless they were very slow viaduct builders!).

In the 1842 map below, you can see the Reddish Vale Print Works and the inset shows the Mill Houses.

The second map from 1910 shows the viaduct and the nine houses in the same position as the 1842 map. So it looks like the nine houses were built for the mill workers and not the railway men. It could explain why a curse was put on the viaduct, imagine if you were living in one of the houses and one day someone came along and built a viaduct right next to your house!


1842 map

1910 map