Reddish Vale Country Park

Mill Lane/Giants Money Box 

The Giant's Money Box


As you leave the Vale via Mill Lane, there is a railway bridge, built for the London North Western Railways Stockport-Stalybridge branch line and known localy as 'The Giants Money Box' because of the slot in the roof of the bridge. 

Mill Lane


In 1879 the conditions of the roads in and out of Reddish had not improved since the Middle Ages when the salt traders passed along Windmill Lane on their way to and from Cheshire. Major roads through Reddish were unsurfaced, unlit dirt tracks maintained by tipping ashes onto them.

Mill Lane was the first road in Reddish to be surfaced. Bradshaw and Hammond who owned the printworks at the time needed good access to the works in the Vale and had the lane cobbled. The remains of the original road can be seen under the railway bridge at the top of Mill Lane.

Later the road was concreted with a ridged centre to give horses a firm foothold when pulling heavy loads up the incline from the Printworks.

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