Reddish Vale Country Park

Reddish Vale Road 

Reddish Vale


Below, Reddish Vale Road was privately owned. The gateposts in the foreground were for a gate which was closed one day each year to prevent the road from becoming a public right of way. The view is of the lower part of Reddish Vale Road looking towards the viaduct and dates from the 1880's. The photograph has caught a policeman, a couple of carters and some local children.

reddish vale road

Below, The corner shop on Reddish Vale Road around 1913. Mrs Bromley standing by the door. The shop provided a welcome service for the farm and for the print workers, farm labourers and also did a roaring trade supplying the many day trippers to Reddish Vale with sweets and drinks. Now converted to a private house you can still see the old shop doorway above right.

reddish vale road

Reddish Vale Road has changed very little in the last hundred or so years.


At the top of the road is Reddish Vale Technology College and stands roughly on the site of Reddish hall. Heading down the hill the only obvious difference are the number of trees. The cottages on the left were built for the calico print workers, and the farm is on the right.

Reddish-Vale-Road-circa-191 Reddish-Vale-Road-October-2 DSC_0396 DSC_0400