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Reddish Vale Country Park/Seaweed 


Large amounts of seaweed were found in Sunnyside Pond when it was cleaned out 1984 as part of the Reddish Vale reclamation scheme.

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During the Second World War a substitute had to be found for Japanese agar-agar, a gelatine extracted from seaweed. Irish moss seaweed from the British coast was processed at the Print Works in Reddish Vale. The red seaweed extract carraghee, dried to a flaky powder was marketed under the trade name 'Pellugel'.

It was used as a thickening agent in toothpaste, cosmetics, custards, ice cream and animal feed, it was also used in emulsion paints and printing colours.

Seaweed was still processed at Reddish Vale in the 1960's, when the mill was known locally as the 'Seaweed Factory'.

Above, Irish moss seaweed.

Below is an article by J. Charles published in the C.P.A Star, the staff magazine for the Calico Printers Association. The article is dated winter 1962

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