Reddish Vale Country Park

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Ski Jump 

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In March 1960, two Norwegian students from Manchester University had an idea to build a ski jump in Reddish Vale.


Twenty tons of snow, treated with chemicals to prevent it from melting, was brought in from Scotland, supplemented by artificial snow from Chester. A ski jump was erected with scaffolding on the Denton side of the river (photo left, Brinnington Beach area, the river is much wider there today) the snow was spread by volunteers with spades.

British and Norwegian skiers made jumps of over 100ft, all in aid of World Refugee Year.

Crowds of up to 15,000 watched the two day event, paying 2/6 admission.

Onlookers crowded around the jump, which ended in a bed of grass.

Unfortunatley even in those days some people sneaked in without paying and vandals set fire to the grass cuttings, bolts on the scaffolding were also loosened, endangering the skiers.


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Below, the official programe for the event.

Messenger Newspaper, 10.6.88

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