Reddish Vale Country Park

Tame House 

reddish vale country park, tame house

Tame House stands just outside what was the Print Works entrance. The house was built around 1928 for the works manager, Mr Wilson.

There had been previous buildings on the site where the house now stands.



Greater Manchester Council owned the property for ten years between 1969 and 1979 by which time the building had become neglected and derelict. The council later decided to sell the property restricting it's use to a single private dwelling. The house was bought in 1980.


Neighbourhood Registers show the following resided in the properties known as Tame House

Mr William Browning   1891

Mr Charles Browning  1899

Mr John Browning       1907 (Calico Print Works Under Manager)

Mr John Welsh            1907 (Calico Print Works Manager)

Mr John Smith             1907 (Calico Print Works Under Manager)

1907 looks like an interesting time for the Print Works Management!

Although now fully restored, the photographs below show a neglected Tame House in February 1979.

Now living in Australia, Edna Carder recounts

her memories of the Vale and Tame House.

Click here to read Edna's story.

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