Reddish Vale Country Park

Ring Necked Parakeets

Ring necked parakeets have been spotted on and off in the Vale for a number of years, never staying more than a few days before moving on. Over the last month we have had sightings of a number of ring necks, I have seen four, others have seen more and it looks like they could be staying for a while.


Native from West Africa to lowland India South of the Himalayas. Parakeets have been popular pets since Victorian times with many birds escaping or released deliberatly into the wild. They were first recorded in the wild in 1855 although this was an isolated incident and were not recorded breeding until 1969 in Kent.

Ring necks main territory is the South East of England, but have been recorded as far as the Scottish Borders, it is not known what impact these birds will have on our native fauna, as yet no problems have been recorded but this may change as the numbers increase, farmers, especially fruit growers are concerned about these birds and the impact they could have on their livelyhood if numbers increase substantially.

Ring necks are Britain's only naturalised parakeet.


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