Reddish Vale Country Park

River View Cottages 


River View Cottages

This row of terraced houses owned by the Printworks stood almost on the bank of the River Tame at the end of the lane beyond Sunnyside House (now the dog kennels).


Fronted by a dirt road, River View had a cobbled area to the rear, beyond which there were gardens. The cottages, fourteen in all  had gas but no electricity and only cold water on tap. Water had to heated on a Yorkshire Range. The toilets 'Dolly Vardens' behind the houses were cleaned out each night by the 'night soil men'

The cottages were condemned as unfit for habitation in 1961. Two sisters Mrs Emma Adshead and Mrs Nelly Ridgway, both in their eighties were reluctant to move fron the peace and tranquility of River View. They had lived there all their lives, their father having been employed at the Calico Print Works.