Reddish Vale Country Park

  • 9th/10th century  Brinnington. The farmstead of Bryni: founded by Anglo Saxon settlers.

  • 1086 Brinnington part of the Manor of Bredbury.

  • 14th century The Duckinfield family live in Portwood Hall.

  • 1604 Strines mentioned for the first time in Stockport Parish Records.

  • 1664 Thomas Oldham describes the house in his will.

  • 1705 Alice, widow of Thomas Oldham Dies.

  • 1784 Reddish Printworks set up. The owners but Strines.

  • 1861 According to census, four families consisting of 23 people live at Strines.

  • 1910 Strines property of Calico Printers Association.

  • 1914 The ste made up of four brick built cottages.

  • 1934 The last Ordnance Survey map to show Strines. It was demolished around the time of World War II. 

Strines Timeline 


Strines Cottages