Reddish Vale Country Park

Sunnyside House 


Sunnyside House was located next to the entrance to Sunnyside Woods.


Sunnyside House was used as a social club for the Calico Print Works. It had tennis courts, a bowling green and a canteen. The building became derelict and demolished with the exception of the garage which is now used as kennels for grey hounds.

The photo left was taken in 1979, shortly before the main building was demolished.

In 1922 the Print Works employed 330 people, some of which formed a football team. The photo below shows the Reddish Vale Print Works Football team (R.V.P.W.A.F.C) for the 1924/25 season.

The photo at the bottom of the page shows employees of the Print Works preparing for a day trip in a motor-charabanc around 1928, these motor-charabancs were limited to an eye watering 12mph, although this law was often not observed.

webcpa-1924-football-team webcpa-1928-day-trip