Reddish Vale Country Park

Common Toads 

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Reddish Vale Country Park

Toads Spawning

Sunnyside Pond, March 2017


Although mostly associated with water toads spend the majority of their life on dry land, returning to the ponds to breed, about 80% of toads return to the pond where they were born, each female can lay up to 4000 eggs, only a small number will survive to hatch into tadpoles and fewer will survive to become adult toads.

It takes two to three weeks for the tadpoles to hatch with the fully developed toadlets leaving the pond around June or July, it will be another three years before they return to the ponds to breed.

There has been a dramatic decline in toad numbers throughout the country mainly due to habitat loss and disease.

Please do not take spawn or tadpoles home with you, they are much happier where they are.