Reddish Vale Country Park

Treecreepers are small birds with streaked and spotted brown upperparts, rufous rumps and whitish underparts. They have long decurved bills, and long rigid tail feathers that provide support as they creep up tree trunks looking for insects.


The Treecreeper typically seeks invertebrate food on tree trunks, starting near the tree base and working its way up using its stiff tail feathers for support. Unlike a nuthatch, it does not come down trees head first, but flies to the base of another nearby tree. It uses its long thin bill to extract insects and spiders from crevices in the bark. Although normally found on trees, it will occasionally hunt prey items on walls, bare ground, or amongst fallen pine needles, and may add some conifer seeds to its diet in the colder months.


Both the male and the female build the nest behind loose bark, cladding on a building, or ivy. The nest is made from twigs, grass, and moss, and lined with feathers. The eggs are about 16 mm by 12 mm. They are smooth and non-glossy, and white and fine reddish-brown speckling. The female incubates the eggs by herself, but both parents feed the young after they have hatched.


The average lifespan for treecreepers is about two years, although one is recordred to have reached 8 years and10 months.


Predators of treecreeper nests and young include the Great Spotted Woodpecker, Red Squirrel, and weasels.


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Wingspan, 34-39cm,

Length, 22-23cm,

Weight, 70-90g,

Lifespan, 10 years,

Diet, insects, seeds

and nuts,

Estimated UK breeding

pairs, 37-44000.

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