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White Deadnettle

The White Deadnettle is a perennial weed of hedgebanks and roadsides.

Very common in the south but rare in the north of Scotland and southern Ireland.

Grows to a height of 50cm.


White Deadnettle is also known as White Archangel.

It is said that nettles in a pocket will keep a person safe from lightning.

Turkeys and other poultry are said to thrive on nettles, and groung dried nettle in chicken feed will increase egg production.

Nettles are reputed to dispell a fever by plucking a nettle by the roots while reciting the name of the sick person.

Fabric woven of nettle fibre has been found in burial sites dating back to the Bronze age.

Milarepa, a great Tibetan ascetic and saint, was reputed to have survived his decades of solitary meditation by subsisting on nothing but nettles; his hair turned green and he lived to the age of 83.

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