Reddish Vale Country Park

Wednesday October 10th 2012


There have been lots of fragments of pottery and glass found all around the dig site including the fragment of stone glaze pottery and small scent bottle found in a trench next to the main dig site. The tree is interesting, it appears to have a wall inside it! we don't know if the tree has grown around a wall or the bricks have been put in at some time to support the tree.






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Reddish Vale Country Park

Wood Hall


One of the questions before the dig was, did the Hall have cellars? One person seemed to know the answer in an email sent before the dig started.


Hello, in answer to your request as to wether Woodhall had a cellar, I can tell you it did, as children my late brother and I used to play with the Marsden children Joyce and Derek and we used to go down into the cellar as we had been told there were secret passages to Cromwells castle down there, we saw the passages there were two, but they were bricked up, big they were. No one knew anything about what was behind the walls so it remained our mystery. I also spent a lot of time in the house which was part derelict in the thirties, and had a ghost, great place for children to play, we cycled round the path circling the lovely lawn, and the front of the house with its lovely doorway and pillars and big windows each side were just lovely, its been my ambition to find out the history of Wood hall. It just fascinated me, and at last someone else is interested, the war came in 1939 snd our generation got separated and went our different ways  so we never got those days back hope the dig finds something interesting.

yours  sincerely

Jean  Buckley


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And below, the cellar steps are found on Wednesday.

Reddish Vale Country Park/Wood Hall

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