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Reddish Vale Country Park/Wood Hall

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Reddish Vale Country Park

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Wood Hall & Wood Hall Farm

Test Dig

On April 21st 2012 volunteers from the South Manchester Archaeological Research Team led by Norman Redhead, County Archaeologist, Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit arrived at Wood Hall to undertake test pitting on the site of Wood Hall at Reddish Vale. The test pitting was to establish the level of preservation of archaeological remains which will inform the suitability of the site for a Dig Greater Manchester project in the autumn.


The objective of the day’s work was to test for archaeological remains relating to the hall and farm site. Volunteers excavated a series of one metre square test pits. They dug down to the top of archaeological deposits, which were cleaned and photographed. The depth of archaeology and location of the test pits was recorded as well.


Below, the test pits are opened, click on images to enlarge


 Les Maddocks volunteer water bailiff for Nickie's and Emmas Pond's has lived in the area since his childhood and has a good memory of the farm, he used to help out at the farm in his youth and was able to provide some very useful information for the  archaeologists.

The test pit below revealed a cobbled road, the pit was extended and an external wall and Victorian wall was uncovered.

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Another test pit uncovered a substantial section of Wood Hall's external wall.

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Left, a collapsed wall or Wood Hall's cellar? if it had one, we didn't know at the time of the test dig.


Below, the brick floor of the cattle shed at Wood Hall Farm.

Right, another section of wall.








There were a number of fragments of pottery found during the dig, a very small piece dating back to the 17 or 18th century was found in the cobbled road section. Possibly the oldest find was the worked flint below, was this an area of pre- historic activity? maybe not as the flint was found in the surface soil and could have been transferred to the site relatively recently, but from where?

Saturday's dig proved very successful and showed the site is suitable a community dig involving local schools and residents, it's not definite yet, but a full dig could take place some time in October.


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