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Yellow Flag Iris

Iris pseudacorus is a species of Iris, native to Europe, western Asia and northwest Africa.

Also known as yellow iris, it is a herbaceous perennial plant growing 1-1.5m tall, the flowers are bright yellow, 7-10cm across, with the typical iris form.

Yellow flag grows best in very wet conditions and is common in wetlands where it tolerates submersion.



Yellow Flag Iris is also known as Jacob's Sword and Segg and is a symbol of spring in our wetlands.

It is sometimes suggested as the origin of the fleur-de-lis in heraldry, although it is not clear to which species this refers.

A slice of root held against an aching tooth is said to bring immediate relief.

Iris is the Greek word for  "rainbow".

To the Greeks it symbolised life and resurrection and is associated with Osiris, the first Pharaoh to become immortal.

Yellow flag has been used as a form of water treatment since it has the ability to take up heavy metals through its roots.




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